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In this in Monday, March 5, 2018 photo, a speedboat with boxes of alleged drug cargo onboard sails along the coast of La Linea de la Conception, in Cadiz province, south of Spain. Spain "When the state disappears, what appears is impunity." Criminals that in the past dropped their few hundred kilograms of cargo in the sea as soon as they came across a customs surveillance boat are now ready to defend their bigger, bulkier shipments. The RIBs, or rigid-hulled inflatable boats known as "rubbers," are partially to blame. With three, four and even five 350-horsepower engines, they can ship an average cargo of 1 to 3 tons of hashish in over one hour from northern Moroccan shores. A trafficker told the AP he held the local record: 178 stashes, or 5.3 tons, in a single shipment. Car chases at high-speeds and personal threats to judges, prosecutors Affordable SEO Search Engine Optimization Service and underpaid, short-handed officers have now become common. On land and at sea, traffickers use shuttle vehicles — SUVs or rubbers without cargo whose function is to mislead authorities and, increasingly, ram patrol cars and boats. So far, casualties have been higher on the traffickers' side. Two years ago, four traffickers died when In-network Alcohol Treatment Center, Oklahoma a patrol vessel sailed over their rubber, prompting angry protests against the authorities. According to police investigators and drug traffickers themselves, the uptick in violence is also related to inter-gang burglaries of drug cargo from beaches or from hundreds of "kindergartens" — storage spaces, often in local homes. These "vuelcos" are often the work of outsiders, the sources said, frequently gangs from Eastern Europe. "The earlier generation had a respect for police uniform but there is now Medicare Advantage plans will soon cover things like groceries, air conditioners a new generation that has an absolute contempt for authority," says Juan Franco, the mayor of La Linea, "My worry is that these guys are armed and so far, they are not using them against civil guard or police agents, but that's the next step." Fears that civilians could also be caught in the crossfire reached a height last month when a group of drug traffickers stormed the emergency ward in La Linea's public hospital. The assailants freed Samuel Crespo, a top aide and nephew to Los Castanitas, two brothers who run the town's most influential drug clans. Police say there were at least 20 attackers, armed with sticks and knives. Witnesses have disputed the official account, saying a handful of unarmed youngsters took Crespo away with little resistance from their two custodians. The attacked policemen said using their guns inside the busy emergency ward would have escalated things. The events hit a nerve in La Linea, a town of 63,000. "How can a handful of young criminals be so bold to act with such impunity in broad daylight?" asks Mena, the activist. "Why were there only two policemen guarding a prominent gangster? And why didn't they have any other means to stop the attackers?" Outrage increased when news emerged that the fugitive was taken in a jet ski across the Strait of Gibraltar for treatment in a private clinic in northern Morocco.

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